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Open Letter to the Charleston Development Community #chsdev

I hope everyone is having an awesome 2013.

Upcoming Events!

March 14 CODEShow http://www.chscodeshow.com/ - The city of Charleston through the Digital Corridor is running this event, it will be the start of many code events. It is time we come together and start the process of building an awesome Dev Community in Charleston.

March 27 and 28 POSSCON http://posscon.org/ 2013, this event is a steal at $99 and the headliners are worth 3x the price of admission. A great place to be if you use any open source tech. Speakers include CTO of Obama, Mozilla, Engine Yard, Groupon, Google, etc.

April 12 - 14 - DigSouth http://www.digsouth.com/, think SXSW, but in Charleston!

April 25 - 27 is ConvergeSE one of the top notch Front-End conferences in the country. If front-end development is your thing, this is the place to get cutting edge inspiration.

What a great time to be a software developer in Charleston!

Take advantage of these opportunities and expand your knowledge.

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BootStrap Typeahead Directive of AngularJS

Bootstrap Typeahead Directive for AngularJS

A simple directive wrapper around the Bootstrap Typeahead component


  • Bootstrap (2.1.1)
  • AngularJS (1.0.2, 1.0.3)


The goal of this project is to have a straight forward typeahead component example using angular, that can be forked and customized by developers wanting more specific use cases for their typeahead component.


the bstypeahead directive takes an array of objects with id and name properties, and displays the name property in the code completion and stores the id attribute in the model. You can set the model programmatically to the id and the name will show up in the input. This is not a fancy end all be all typeahead control, but it does work well for the use case of storing id and displaying names.


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Simple Upload Service for AngularJS

AngularJS is a great framework for single page applications, but doing async uploads to support a broad range of browsers is a bit challenging. (The HTML5 file api is awesome, but does not land in IE until IE10). Here is a service that leverages an iframe to implement a file upload, it is bare bones and simple.

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